Back Hair Removal, Permanent, Shaving, Laser, Waxing & Creams

Back Hair Removal, Permanent, Shaving, Laser, Waxing & Creams

What causes a hairy back? What are some of the best back hair removal techniques for temporary and permanent results? Can laser, electrolysis, waxing, shaving and creams be helpful in getting rid of hair on your back?

Androgenic hair or human body hair that becomes more visible during puberty in both men and women is controlled by androgen hormone. This is the same hormone responsible for development of masculine characteristics in both male and female with most of these characteristics more noticeable in men and boys than women or girls due to higher androgen hormone levels in men.

When androgen binds with androgen receptors normally found on hair follicles, hair growth is stimulated, especially from areas that are very sensitive to androgen such as pubic regions, chin, sideburns, moustache, and beard. This growth can also happen in other areas including chest, back legs, arms, shoulders, etc.

Sensitivity to androgen and androgen production levels is related to the density of body hair growth (weight and growth rate) with areas that are more sensitive to this hormone having more hairs. Genetic factors have been found to have influence on the amounts of androgen hormone level as well as androgen sensitivity levels in different body parts.

What causes back hair including lower back hair ?

As already mentioned, hair growth on your back, just like any other body hair is governed by androgen. This can perhaps be seen as the primary cause one having a hairy back. Other causes of growth of hair on the back include:

1.      Hypertrichosis

This refers to “an excessive hair disorder featuring abnormal hair density and length as compared to normal growth expected for the individual’s age, ethnicity and sex” []. This growth does not involve androgen, except for very rare cases.

2.      Hirsuitism – possible cause of female back hair cause

This is “hair growth disorder in women marked by excessive hair growth in a male-like pattern” [] where women will have too much hair on neck, lower abdomen, chest, mustache, beard etc., including women’s back hair. It happens when androgen levels go high in women or sensitivity to androgen hormone. Of course, women usually have low androgen levels.

In general, hairy female backs are not common since only a very small population of women have these hairs. However, in men, it is a serious problem.

Back hair removal or how to get rid of back hair

Unlike chest hair, hair on the backs on men is not considered as fashionable by most people. This is the same case for women who have hairy backs and perhaps the reasons why no one wants to have these hairs!

Let us now shift our focus on how to remove back hair where we are going to discuss some of the best ways to get rid of a hairy back whether it is on a man or woman. The discussion will cover the permanent and temporary methods.

Temporary back hair removal

To get rid of a hairy back, you can opt for the simple, cost effective temporary hair removal methods where  results last for sometime before it grows back again, depending on the specific method one chooses. These methods are good for people who do not want to remove these hairs for good and they include:

1. Shaving and tips on how to shave back hair

how to shave back hair
how to shave back hair

If you have a good shaver and you know how to shave back hair, this should be your first choice option in getting rid of hairs on your back. Shaving is not only affordable but also less painful and very easy.

Furthermore, you can do it yourself i.e. shave your hairy back yourself at home.  However, some people prefer  getting someone to help them. This method is suitable for both men and women.

Shaving cuts hair at the skin surface with a razor and it is commonly done in the direction of hair growth. Shaving gels, creams, balms  and other products can improve your shaving experience. An important tip is to ensure your shaving blades are sharp and sterilized.

Although trimming and shaving back hair is inexpensive, painless, easy, quick, etc. it takes a shorter time for hair to grow back. In addition, you can suffer from razor burns and ingrown hair that can be problematic to some people.

Note: Later in this post, we are going to lists some of the best shavers you can buy and make your work easier later.

2. Back waxing

Waxing is a “semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root” [] and it involves molten wax application (or use of pre-wax stripes). The wax is applied in the direction of hair growth before reaping in the opposite direction to pull hair from their roots.

Hairy back waxing
Hairy back waxing

Back waxing will yield results that last for between 4 to 6 weeks but this can vary from one individual to another.  It is moderately painful,  you might develop a rash, you are required you to have long hair to use this method and costs from $35-80 in a professional salon depending on a number of factors such as location, status, etc. However, you can also have waxing done at home if you do not prefer salons since it is an easy process.

See more details on back hair waxing for more tips, aftercare, best waxing kits, and much more.

3. Back hair removal cream

These are depilatory creams that have chemicals that eat up hair follicle just at the skin surface making it easy to wipe it away.

They are easy to use, can be used at home and some have ingredients to can decelerate hair regrowth or cause less coarse hair. You will find many good creams for men and women that can help you can remove back hair yourself.

On the downside, they can cause skin irritation, some have strange odors and you still have the risk of having ingrown hair. Some of the best creams to go for include:

  • Nair Men Shower Power Hair Remover
  • Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Cream
  • Revitols Hair Removal Cream

Although there are claims of permanent back hair removal creams, we were unable to find any genuine one with scientific backing.

4. Other temporary ways to get rid of hair on your back

Other temporary ways to fix hair on your back include the use of tweezers or plucking, epilating devices (electric tools that pull out hair instead of cutting it), sugaring, threading, etc.

Permanent back hair removal  or how to remove back hair permanently

If you want to get rid of hair on your back permanently, forever or for good, for men and women, the two popular ways are laser and electrolysis hair removal. There might be other methods, which are promoted as being able to remove hair permanently such as electric tweezing, use of medications, etc. but no substantial scientific evidence is there to back such claims.

1. Laser back hair removal and costs

Back hair laser removal before and after picture
Hair back laser removal before and after picture

A good permanent way to deal with unwanted back hair is laser hair removal, which involves beaming “highly concentrated light into hair follicles. Pigment in the follicles absorbs the light. That destroys the hair.” [].

The experience is not painful, results are predictable, it is precise, fast, does not cause bumps or skin irritation and leads to permanent hair removal after a few sessions depending on your hair characteristics.

Although there are at home back hair laser removal machines you can use, we recommend you go to an expert for best results. Laser hair removal is no longer a service for the few privileged but for everyone and you will get cosmetic clinics everywhere.

Finally, back laser hair removal side effects are very rare if you go to an expert. However, temporary redness, sensitivity and swelling for a short time are normal.

Laser back hair removal costs

The average cost for this procedure is about $900 with prices ranging from $500 to $1500 depending on a number of factors. You will also need between two to about six sessions for complete hair removal.

Before going to any particular expert, see testimonials, reviews, before and after photos as well as experiences from some patients who have gone to that specific expert.

2. Electrolysis back hair removal

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method, which employs electric current “delivered to the follicle through the probe, which causes localized damage to the areas that generate hairs. This process destroys the hair growth tissue” []

Just like laser, it needs an expert to ensure the probes are well inserted without puncturing your skin, it requires several sessions, causes mild discomfort and it is expensive. However, the process can be applied to people of all skin types.

Back hair shavers and trimmers

There are both electric and manual shavers for hair on your back. We will not go into details or reviews on some of the best back hair shavers.  Instead, we are going to give you a list of good ones. With the list, you can do your own further research to know which of these removers will be ideal for you.

  • Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself Electric
  • Razorba Shaver
  • baKblade’s “BIGMOUTH” Do-It-Yourself
  • Sport Razor Body Razor
  • Philips Norelco BodyGroom 7100
  • Mangroomer® Professional Rechargeable Electric
  • Easy Razor Back and Body Shaver Extension
  • MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver
  • Remington BHT300 Bodygroomer
  • MANGROOMER Professional DIY Back Shaver
  • Remington BHT600 Back and Body Groomer

If you want to buy them, most of these shavers are available at Walmat,, as well as your local beauty and cosmetic stores.

Women’s and Men’s back hair removal

Just to clarify, any of the methods that do not alter hormones can be used for women’s back hair removal including shaving, creams, laser,  electrolysis and waxing. However, avoid any product that is specifically designed for a certain gender, especially creams and some pills that slow down hair regrowth.

Best way to remove back hair – the good ways

Obviously, you want to know which are some of the best ways to remove back hair for men and women.  The answer is simple, all the above methods can be used by men and women to get rid of a hairy back and it all depends on what you want.

If you are seeking a permanent solution, electrolysis is the most recommended followed by laser removal of hair. On the other hand, the best way to get rid of back hair temporarily is shaving which you can do yourself but it will require you to do it often. Waxing and plucking are good option for people who do not want the trouble of having to shave regularly.

I hope by assessing your needs, you can decide on which will be the best way to get rid of unwanted hair on your back or at least you now know what to do about that hairy back you have.

Where to get back hair removal services

Having a hairy back is nothing to shy about since a good percentage of the men have this problem. Just Google for any salon or specialist near you.

These services are widespread and you will get them be it in Boston, NYC, New Hampshire, San Diego, Dallas, Indianapolis, Ohio, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Chicago, Arlington Heights IL, Sharon PA, Denver, Perth or London etc., for men or women.

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