Back Hair Waxing for Men, Cost, Tips, How Long Does Waxing Last

Back Hair Waxing for Men, Cost, Tips, How Long Does Waxing Last

Is it ok for men to wax their backs or body waxing is just for women? What does waxing your back hair entail? In this presentation, we will answer all your concerns  on back hair removal by waxing including how long back waxing lasts, how much it will cost, some of the back waxing tips and after care practices that are helpful, and how you can wax your back if you want to do it at home.

Male back waxing -to wax or not to wax back hair

Back waxing for men (and a few women who have hairy backs) is becoming a common and normal practice among people of different cultures across the globe. It is a manscaping must, to some! This fact can be confirmed by the many waxing spas and salons for men and women right from Glasgow Scotland, to London in England, to Melbourne in Australia, to New Deli in India, to Dubai in UAE and to everywhere else.

Back Waxing for men
Back Waxing for men

In fact, most of the big cities and even small ones in America offer this service. Try Huston, Sacramento, Indianapolis, Columbus Ohio, Centerville Ohio, Layton UT, Philadelphia, Long Island, LA, NYC, Scottsdale Arizona or even your small farm town and you will find so many salons offering back and body hair waxing for men and women.

If you are still shy about back hair waxing, Strip Ministry of Waxing NYC director Ramon Padila once told Daily News that “more and more men are making waxing part of their grooming routine.” Imagine going to beach topless during summer yet you have a hairy back. That is not sexy. This can seem to justify back waxing in men.

After all, there are even salons for back sack and crack waxing allover offering these intimate services! I dare you to try search for back sack and crack waxing spas near you to see if you will not get so many.

To wax or not to wax your back
To wax or not to wax your back

Of course, there are groups, journalists and bloggers who encouraging people to keep their back hair. For instance,  author Mark Joseph Stern  in an article In Defense of Back Hair notes that “there’s nothing inherently gross or dirty about back hair, no reason why it should be singled out for near-universal abhorrence — especially when its close cousin, chest hair, remains so widely beloved and even fetishized,”[].

The bottom line on whether to keeping or waxing your back is a personal decision on which only you can decide if you want to keep these hairs or remove them. Taking sides on men’s back waxing often elicits mixed reactions with some people pleased and others annoyed.

How to wax back hair

Waxing back hair gives best results when done in spas and salons by experts and experienced aesthetician to minimize trauma on your skin. However, if you have the right hair removal waxing kits or tools and someone to do it for you; it can be done at home. The process takes about 20 minutes. Afterwards you will need 5 minutes for aftercare advice from your aesthetician.

To wax your back at home:-

  • You need to clean your back to get rid of any oils that might be present.
  • Apply a barrier to stop the wax from sticking on to your skin.
  • Apply molten wax and a strip or pre-made waxing strips in the direction of hair growth. You can also use a non-strip wax which is normally thicker and does not need the cloth or paper strip.
  • Give it a little time for the wax to bind with your hair before quickly reaping or pulling off the strip in the opposite direction.
  • Apply some pressure to soothe your skin and calm your nerves for a few seconds
  • Clean your back with oil to get rid of any wax traces
  • Cleanse your skin and apply a good soothing lotion

This is all that women’s and men’s back waxing entails. Some salons might follow slightly different procedures when waxing your back hair depending of the kits and products they are using. Furthermore, if you have extremely long hair, it might be trimmed first before it is waxed.

Back waxing for men before and after
Back waxing for men before and after

Back waxing at home

If you are looking for good brand of men’s back wax to use, try any of the below two:

  • Hair Removal Waxing Kit Men + Women, All Natural – BodyHonee
  • Brazilian Back Do It Yourself back hair remover for men

These are not the only male back wax brands available, you will find may other brands which are equally good. Do you know any? Tell us about it!

Back waxing cost and prices

An important question everyone would want to ask is ‘how much does a back wax cost, or how much does it cost to get your back waxed’. Of course, waxing is not that expensive. The average back waxing price ranges from between $35 -$100.

In most cases, these prices are for full back waxing including your shoulders and your lower back. However, back wax cost might vary depending on the location of the salon or spa, how much hair will be removed, your hair density, among other factors.

Back waxing tips and aftercare

Good pre-back waxing and post-back waxing aftercare is necessary if the process is to be smooth and perfect. You will also reduce the chances of getting a back rash or ingrown hair. If you have never had it before, ingrown hair on your back can be painful.

Furthermore, since the process is moderately painful, good pre-back waxing can help minimize the pain one will experience as well as other back waxing side effects including breakout that affect some people, skin redness, etc.

Here are some of the important back waxing tips and aftercare routine you should adhere to:

  1. While cleaning your back just before waxing, use warm water to make pulling out hair much easier and less painful.
  2. Always apply a wax barrier to reduce trauma on your skin during this process.
  3. Avoiding hot showers, saunas, baths, swimming pool for duration of between 9 to 72 hours after waxing has been done.
  4. Also during this first 9-72 hours after back hair waxing, avoid direct sunlight or UV light exposure, tight fighting clothing and creating too much friction on your back.
  5. Avoid waxing if you are using anti acne medication as this can cause breakouts especially if you are using “glycolic acid, Roaccutane, Retin-A” [],
  6. Also, if you have a sunburn or if you are using anti aging products, avoid this procedure.
  7. Regularly exfoliate your skin
  8. Avoid switching between back hair removal creams and waxing. Instead, stick to waxing alone.

How long does back waxing last

Another valid and very important question that must be answered is ‘how long does a back wax last’. Again, here, how long back waxing will last on a man or woman will depend on hair growth rate i.e. , how soon the hair will grow will depend on age, genetics and other factors.  You can only wax hair once it is about ¼” long.

On average, waxing can last for between 4 to 6 weeks since it removes hair from their root. To some people, the duration might be slightly longer while to others, it might be shorter.

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    Back hair waxing - courtesy of Men's Health UK
    Back hair waxing – courtesy of Men’s Health UK


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