Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin, Pale Skin, Fair...

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin, Pale Skin, Fair Skin, Brunette and Blonde

Which is the best hair color for blue eyes? Blue green eyes? Blue grey eyes? Find out in this article.

Which is the best hair color for blue eyes
Which is the best hair color for blue eyes

You may have chosen the perfect hair color for you and are ready to head to the store and pick up the box of hair color for that DIY dye job (for the brave), or that salon visit armed with pictures of the ideal shade (for the rest).But wait a minute, are you sure that color will make your blue eyes pop too?

You must have guessed by now that we are suggesting you consider both skin tone and eye color deeply when choosing a hair color, and you would be right. A good shade of hair color will bring out the best in both skin and eyes and still look natural.

Follow us as we explore the best hair colors for blue eyes. Red, brunette, blonde hair colors for blue eyes and cool, warm or neutral skin tones. We will also cover how your different hair colors will work with your blue eyes and pink skin, fair skin, pale skin, tan and olive skin.

The Best Hair Colour for Blue Eyes

From the palest blue, to blue green, blue gray, and all shades of blue in between, blue eyes are fascinating. There are several hair colors that will further accentuate them making them even more interesting. You will find a match in different shades of brown, blonde and reds. Here are a few colors that will generally make blue eyes pop.

1. Best Red Hair Color for Blue Eyes

Did you know that natural red hair and blue eyes is the rarest kind of red hair eye color combination? Well, now you do. Nature put together that look and we don’t see why you should not borrow it. True, the classic line is that red hair complements green eyes, but red shades can really set off blues eyes as well. Strawberry blonde, a lovely ginger, copper and burgundy will make blue eyes look amazing though you will need to consider your skin tone too. If you have a warm skin tone, go for the reds with yellow bases and choose the reds with blue or purple bases if you are a cool skin toned beauty.

Red hair color for blue eyes
Red hair color for blue eyes

2. Best Blonde Hair Color for Blue Eyes

Blonde hair is the perfect foil for blue eyes. You have the whole blonde range to choose from, though again, your skin tone will matter. Platinum blonde, ash blonde, beachy blonde, honey blonde, golden blonde, bronde, reddish/ strawberry blonde, light blonde all frame blue eyes really well.

3. Best Brunette Hair Color for Blue Eyes

While it is not as attention grabbing as blonde or as showy as red hair, brown hair has its charms. Light browns and medium browns can flatter blue eyed beauties who have started out with light hair and are looking to go brown. Just don’t neglect to match your eyebrows too if you happen to have naturally dark eyebrows. Chestnut, and a glossy golden brown as some of the best brown hair color shades for blue eyes. Golden brown, light golden brown and light brown are some of the best hair colors for blue green eyes.

Brunette hair color for blue eyes
Brunette hair color for blue eyes

Let’s look at the best hair colors for pale skin and blue eyes next.

Best Hair Color for Pale Skin and Blue EyesBest hair color for blue eyes an fair skin

The right hair color will play up the delicateness of yourcomplexion and make your eyes stand out. The wrong one will not only (shudder) add years to your face, it will dull the shine in your blue eyes.

One way to get your hair color right if you have a pale skin tone, blue eyes and warm coloring is to  “avoid ashen tones and choose warm colors instead” according to Schwarzkopf. Good colors you can try include “golden blonde, flaxen, honey blonde, golden brown, copper, warm light reddish tones like golden red or strawberry blonde.” If you have cool coloring, go for the white blondes and ash blondes.

We suggest blonde because blue eyes and fair skin are common on natural blondes, so blonde and light hair color will look very natural on you.

Red hair colors will also flatter blue eyes and pale skin. You can pull off ginger very well, with your skin tone and eye color combination. Try light vibrant reds or rich dark coppers and mahogany.

You can opt for dark hair, not too much as the stark contrast of a dark color with pale skin and blue eyes doesn’t make for a natural looking result. Most especially if you have warm coloring.

You can however pull off really dark browns, black and brown black hair color if your natural hair color is on the darker side, and you have dark blue eyes.

According to pale skinned men and women are at an advantage because “truly pale skin will look good with almost any hair color. Blonds, reds, browns, and even blacks can look good against a pale complexion that lacks any pink or yellow undertones.”

Best Hair Color for Fair Skin and Blue Eyes

Best hair color for blue eyes and pale skin
Best hair color for blue eyes and pale skin


You can probably guess what we are about to recommend as an ideal hair color for fair skin and blue eyes. And you would be right.

Blonde hair color just sits so well next to light skin and blue eyes. Platinum and ash blondes if you are cool toned. Honey, and golden blonde if you have warm coloring and probably freckles. Creamy, buttery blondes for neutral skin tone and blue eyes.

How light you can and should go depends on your original hair color though, if you have naturally dark or medium hair, it is not wise to go all the way platinum for instance. Think beige based blondes too like champagne which are having a moment right now.

You can also try sandy blonde. According to “This blonde shade pairs best with fair skin tones and light eyes such as blue, hazel or violet.”

We think golden red could easily be the best red hair color for fair skin and blue eyes. Cinnamon, copper, fiery ginger, strawberry blonde and crimson will also flatter a fair skin and blue eyes. According to this article on marieclaire a fair complexion, cool coloring with reddish undertones carries red hair best. “Women with cool or pinkish skin pull it off best.”

For browns, we say stick with medium and light browns. Chestnut is a great, if not one of the best hair color for your blue eyes and fair skin. Allure says golden brown like Gisele does it is a win for fair skinned beauties and we see your blue eyes fitting in nicely in that harmonious combo.

To get the best hair color for fair red skin tones and blue eyes or people who are fair with blue eyes and pink skin, try the hair colors with an ash base. They are also referred to as neutral or medium colors being neither warm (with golden overtones) or cool (with violet/blue bases).

According to stylecaster. “If you’ve got rosy undertones to your skin, an ashy tone will be even better, as the green and blue undertones will neutralize the rosiness.” The ash hair colors will also make your blue eyes appear a lot more vibrant. This is the best hair color for fair skin, blue eyes and red skin.

According to beauty bible, “Red, blue/red or yellow blonde are usually a total disaster,” on pink skin.

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes and Cool Skin

If you have a cool skin tone, your skin doesn’t tan very well, if anything, you burn in the sun. You also look better in silver than gold. Golden and yellow overtones in your hair colors will clash with your skin tones and not highlight your blue eyes. Avoid them and instead go for cool colors which are those with blue, or violet bases. For blonde hair colors, think platinum, silvery and ash blondes.

Go for ash browns, medium browns or rich browns without a golden sheen in them. You can also choose black and cool dark browns like espresso.

If you want to go red, do but Schwarzkopf says “You should avoid red hair color with a mahogany, copper or golden blonde tinge because these colors would add years to your face.” Burgundy is a good red hair color for cool skin tones and blue eyes.

Best Hair Color for Olive Skin and Blue Eyes

Brown hair colors are very flattering on olive skin. They also make blue eyes pop. Choose neutral browns though especially if you have are a cool olive. Cinnamon hues, chestnut browns, espresso are other colors that will look great on blue eyes and olive skin. How blonde you can go will be determined by your natural hair color too. As a rule, you should not take dark hair all the way light. Caramel is a great blonde hair color for olive skin that will also make your blue eyes shine.

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