Best Hair Color for Brown Skin, Blonde, Red, Brown & Hair Colors...

Best Hair Color for Brown Skin, Blonde, Red, Brown & Hair Colors for Light, Medium and Dark Brown Skin

Do you want to change up your hair colour but are stuck about what hair color will go with your brown complexion? Are you thrown by the dye packets having models that have skin that looks nothing like yours? Are you wondering just where the hair colors for brown skin tones are?

You have come to the right place. In this piece we work through good hair colours for brown skin so you don’t have to be stuck any more. By the time we are done with you, you will know exactly what hair color goes with brown skin and then some.

Best hair color for brown skin
Best hair color for brown skin

Our complexions are determined by genetics. A brown complexion albeit in varying shades can be found in people of several ethnicities including Asian, Latino, afro Caribbean which covers African Americans, Africans, or black people.

Natural hair colour for most people with brown skin is shades of brown and black.  Some brown skinned people may have naturally blonde or red hair. A good example is the people from the Solomon Islands some of who have dark skin and blonde curls naturally.

Females (and some males) of all complexions colour their hair using dyes to achieve the hair colour they desire but were not born with. The ultimate mark of success of a dye job is for it to look natural on you and complement your features beautifully.

Choosing the right hair colors for brown skin

Generally speaking, anyone can wear pretty much any hair colour they like , regardless of skin tone, complexion. You can match your hair to your pastel outfit if you like. There are no laws against that.

It is the result you want that makes choosing suitable colours important. We imagine you want your bottle hair colour to looks as natural as your birth hair colour? Then that alone limits you from going crazy on the colour wheel. You also want the hair colour to bring out the best in your brown complexion and of course your eyes. Some of the things you do not want is to look unnatural, washed out and pale.

That is why knowing what works best for your skin tones and complexion is all important.

Here are a few tips to help you choose a good hair colour for brown skin.

Know What Colors to Avoid on choosing hair color for brown skin

Women with brown skin can try some blonde hair colors or high lights. However, tread carefully and pick the right blondes.  Besthaircolourdye says “If you try platinum blonde or those with white and orange undertones, you will look very unnatural.”

They also caution against ash blondes which will not complement brown skin, or darker complexions.

Red can be a good colour choice for brown skin, but not flaming fiery red. Avoid those and go for richer deeper shades.

Aim to stay as close to natural as possible

Unless you are aiming for drama and to shock, in which case, there is no limits for you, target to stay within a two shade range of your natural hair colour. This applies whether you choose to go lighter or darker.

“Never go three shades or more lighter or darker. Don’t try to lighten already dyed dark hair with lighter hair dyes. You’ll need to bleach the hair first, and this isn’t recommended for beginners.” According to this article on visihow.

A hair chart would be nice to help you figure out the colors that fall within this two or three colour range rule. You just need to locate your hair color, or the hair color you currently have and go from there.

Best hair color for brown skin

Most natural hair colors fall under red, black, brown or blonde. This grouping is however too vague for us. We cannot say blonde or brown works best for brown skin tones because within the generally grouping are the specific shades which carry different overtones.

These overtones may or may not work with your brown complexion. We already mentioned that you want to avoid white and orange hued shades, as well as fiery reds. It is also wise to avoid hair colour whose overtones are too purple or blue as it may not play off well against your brown skin.  Here are some more specific tips on hair color ideas for brown skin.

Brown Hair Color for Brown Skin

Brown hair on brown skin is actually a great look. But only if you pick the right shade of brown. Most People with brown skin tend to have a warm to medium skin tone. Bronze browns and caramels will look great for those who fall in this category.

Some brown skin people have cool undertones. These ones according to everydayhealth should “stick to cool browns and avoid coppers, auburns or any gold colours,”

Besthaircolourdye says “You simply want to select a rich shade of brunette and that will include toffee, espresso, honey, golden brown and much more to suit your hair.”

Bronze brown, if you can keep from going too light can be a great   color of hair for brown skin.

Blonde Hair color for brown skin

You can definitely pull off blonde hair flawlessly, brown complexion notwithstanding. There are several shades of blonde that will blend beautifully with your complexion.

Good examples of brown skin hair colors are golden blondes, or strawberry blonde, blondes that are not too light and blondes with a beige base.

You want to stay away from blonde that is too light if you want your hair colour job to look too natural. Stay within the no more than two shades lighter from original colour range for best results. Avoid blondes that look too yellow.

Another way of exploring blonde is wearing highlights. “Subtle hints of gold can add new depth to dark hair.” According to hairlovetoknow.

Buzzle shares this helpful tip on picking blonde hair colours for a brown complexion. “Bright blond shades (like dirty blond or platinum) aren’t advisable either, where maybe the teeniest hint of blond (like subtle highlights) mixed with a topcoat of deep brown can add a pleasing and not overdone look, to your tresses.”

Red hair color for brown skin

Burgundy is one of the most flattering hair colors for people with brown skin. It can work for both short hair and long hair looks too. We are talking anything from a close crop to long luscious locks. You can go full head red or opt for highlights.

An interesting way to go red is jumping on the hot ombre trend. Now, we are so confident about trying ombre red because of a suggestion at latesthairstyles. You can swing by and take a look at the gorgeous ombre look. They say “This look is pretty versatile and can really work for any skin tone. Because it has the depth with the dark, it works for mostly everyone.” As if those are not reasons to love it a lot already, they go ahead and add that you can try the look on shorter hair too!

Some sources say to stay away from copper hair colours if you have brown skin. But lovetoknowhair says it looks great on African Americans with a brown complexion.

Copper is an earthy shade that is more natural than a fiery red and instantly creates a warm, flattering look. Look in particular for shades described as “burnt” or “burnished.”

To go red, you will need to l consider lightening your hair first according to besthaircolourdye “ if you are planning to do a full hair coloring so that you end up as a dark skin redhead, you should start with hair lightening in order to get the right hue you are looking for.”

Hair Color for Light Brown Skin

Lighter brown complexions also tend to favor lighter hair colors. You can explore several light shades in brown, blonde, and red, but don’t go too crazy with say platinum blonde. Ashy shades will not do your coloring any favours either. Stick to colours that are recommended for warm skin tones or described as warm colours on the packaging.

Remember though that your original hair colour will determine just how light or darker you can go.  To handle the issue showing dark roots making the dye job too obvious, Buzzle recommends that you “Choose darker shades if the sight of new roots in a month disturbs you; go with lighter shades if your roots aren’t dark. The contrast will not be as jarring when you go with dark hair colors, where touch ups can easily wait till after two months from when you last colored your hair”

Hair Color for Medium Brown Skin

Strawberry blonde is a good hair colour for brown skin and will bring out your medium brown complexion beautifully. You are straddling the complexion divide so you can swing both towards the lighter colors and darker ones too. You should however stay  closer to the inside of each end, for instance, if you want to explore lighter hair colours, then go  for the ones that are not too light. They will look more natural on you. Ditto with the darker colours, avoid going all the way raven for example.

Hair Color for Dark Brown Skin

Buzzle have this suggestion on hair   colors for milk chocolate to dark brown women “choose hair colors in the dark / medium-light brown, burgundy, or jet black zone. These colors will not only complement your skin tone but will warm up your features without drawing attention to your hair in an uncomplimentary manner.

Raven black is one of the simplest yet most suitable looks on dark brown skin. You can spice up the colour with highlights from the recommended shades of blonde, red and brown.

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