Hair Color for Olive Skin, Best Red, Blonde, Brown Hair Color for...

Hair Color for Olive Skin, Best Red, Blonde, Brown Hair Color for Olive Complexion

Do you want to color your hair but are wondering what hair colors will look best on your olive complexion? You have come to the right place. Find below a comprehensive guide to hair colors that flatter an olive complexion. These tips are the ultimate anti looking washed out after coloring your hair tools whether you are looking at blonde shades, brunette hair colors or red shades to go with your olive complexion.

Best Hair Color for Olive Skin

Best Hair Color for Olive Skin
Best Hair Color for Olive Skin – blonde

Many people consider all skin that appears naturally tan, or leaning on the brown side to be olive. But did you know that there are people who can pass as light skinned but are olive toned?

Olive refers to skin that tends to have a greenish tint underneath. You can identify olive skin by the appearance of a greyish or greenish hue that appears to be underneath the person’s skin. You can confirm this by checking your makeup free skin in natural light.

Needless to say, the hair colors that will work to bring out a light olive complexion will be slightly different from those that best bring out a darker olive complexion. A number of olive toned people tend to have neutral coloring, meaning they look good with both warm and cool hair colors, but there are some whose coloring is more specific and either distinctly warm olive toned or cool olive toned. Let’s us take a closer look at perfect hair colors for an olive complexion.

1.      Best Hair Colors for Light Olive Skin.

We already mentioned that some people can have a complexion that is quite light by any standard but still fall under olive complexioned. They may not appear as tan as other olive skinned people but the green hue, or tinge on their skin will still be prominent meaning they will not be flattered by colors for pale or fair skin. This coloring is sometimes referred to as pale olive or fair olive.

Now a rule of thumb when coloring your hair is you do not go more than two or three shades lighter than your natural hair color. Because most people with olive skin have naturally dark hair, like browns and black brown, light hair colors tend to seem as if they are out of reach for olive skin. However thehairstyler says you can try light colors if your olive is more on the lighter side. “When it comes to platinum blonde or really light blonde hair colors, but, only try them if your complexion is on the lighter side of olive. Dark olive skin and light blonde colors are generally not a good look.”

We take this to mean that this is a great hair color option for a light olive complexion. You should too.

You can try golden blondes; especially if you are have warm olive coloring. Caramel is a also a good hair color for many people with olive skin tones and will flatter a lighter skin tone.

2.      Warm Hair Colors for Olive Skin

Even if you have established you have an olive skin tone, your will still need to know your skins undertones to be able to arrive at the best possible hair color for you. Being warm or cool toned has nothing to do with how light or dark your skin is.  The undertones are underneath our skin. A simple way of telling is by looking at the veins on the inside of your wrist in good natural lighting. If they are greenish, then you have a c warm skin tone. If you have a warm olive complexion, your skin has yellow undertones alone too.

According to besthaircolourdye, you should target going warmer if you are a warm olive and the colors for you are, “Choose from golden blondes, mocha browns, caramel colors, auburn and chestnuts. You can also wear reds, including light copper reds, golden copper and red blondes.”

3.      Cool Hair Colors for Olive Skin

If you do the vein test and you notice they appear bluish to purple, then you are a cool olive. This is actually the more common kind of olive complexion. You have a  wide range of colors to choose from .Beautyclue suggests “cool blonde shades like ash blonde, honey blonde, platinum blondes and strawberry blonde respectively.” You can even try platinum if you have fairly light olive skin.

Darker colors like jet black, cool rich browns are also great olive hair color choices. You can opt to have ombre with browns or blacks or highlights of lighter colors on your dark hair if you are not keen on an all-out color change but still want to try light hair colors.

Blonde Hair Color for Olive Skin

Blonde is one of the most popular hair colors across the board. It is especially appealing to those naturally born with darker hair who wishes to explore a lighter look. Olive skinned beauties can definitely rock blonde hair color, but only if they know exactly which blonde shades work for olive complexions. You see, under blonde are several shades to choose from. He is a breakdown of blonde  hair colors that flatter olive skin.

1.      Ash blondes

Ash shades, blonde included look great on an olive skin tone with warm undertones as well as for olive skin that has medium or neutral tones. Some people have found that the shade of blonde also works for  warmer olives  but not as a solid color though, it looks best woven through the hair as highlights or lowlights.

2.      Dark Blondes and Beige Blondes

These according to hairstyler are recommended for olive complexion with neutral undertones.

3.      Honey Blondes

Jennifer Lopez is a great example of an olive skinned beauty who rocks honey blonde amazingly. This color suits a true olive, which means Olives with cool skin tones. You can also work it if you have a medium/ neutral skin tone. You can choose to wear it light honey or with more depth. Caramel honey blonde is one of the best hair colors for olive complexion you can choose.

4.      Golden Blondes

Try shades of golden blonde, or at least throw in highlights or an ombre look if you have the rare blessing of being a warm olive. Do try to stay towards the darker/ deeper golden blondes though especially if your skin is a dark olive so you don’t end up looking unnatural.Tofee and strawberry blonde fall under golden blonde shades and are recommended for olive skin tones.

5.      Platinum Blonde

This is the lightest of light blondes. Definitely a hard on to pull off if you have Olive skin. Light blondes are not very suitable for dark complexions. You may try a few highlights if you have a light olive complexion.

Hair Color for Olive Skin and Brown Eyes

According to Beautyclue, brown shades are the most flattering hair colour for olive skin tones and brown eyes. “Go for shades like golden brown, chestnuts, light brown and your olive skin tone will naturally glow. If you are  a brunette, accenting your hair with dark brown will still be fine.”

Honey brown is one of the best brown hair colors for olive skin and brown eyes.

A light caramel color will also look amazing on those olive skin tones with warm undertones and will make brown yes pop. We also think a light golden brown is a good color for olive complexions and brown eyes.

Still on brown, Stylecaster says “A rich, true brown hair tone, chocolate brown works for medium and olive skin tones, as well as for those with hazel or brown eyes.” This ticks the olive skin tone and brown eyes boxes and definitely worth a try.

Another great tip we found was this one; “your colorist can do an espresso base and then go all the way and do sandy brown highlights. This will give your olive skin a warm feel, while allowing you to show your brown eyes well.”

If you have been keeping up with the Kardashians, in particular Kim Kardashian, then you may have an idea of some colors that look great for olive skin tones and brown eyes. One look she wears really well is ombre. Besthaircolourdye changing up the ends of your long hair with a honey blonde like Mrs. West.

Best Hair Color for Olive Skin and Green Eyes

Rich browns will complement green eyes and an olive complexion.Besthaircolordye advises that “Dark colors will provide a good scale of contrast and let your eyes show.”
Red also plays off nicely against green. You will need to choose shades of red with depth which will work for your olive skin tone like dark auburns.  You want to get the most subtle red color available or consider red highlights in your dark hair. The streaks of red will make your green eyes pop.

Light golden brown can also be flattering if you have a light olive complexion and brilliant green eyes.

Best Hair Color for Olive Skin and Hazel Eyes

Deeper hair colors will make your light eyes pop. How about a chocolate brown? It comes highly recommended at Stylecaster? “A rich, true brown hair tone, chocolate brown works for medium and olive skin tones, as well as for those with hazel or brown eyes.”

Caramel hair color will also accentuate hazel eyes beautifully.

Hazel eyes easily find a color compliment because they have different tints within them like gold and green. We found this handy tip at for choosing a hair color that makes the most of hazel eyes. “This all depends on the colors you want to bring out in your eyes. To bring out golden colors try deep browns and maybe a color like auburn. To bring out the green in your eyes go more for reds.”

Red Hair Color for Olive Skin

According to besthaircolourdye, “Olive skin has green undertones, which are best complimented by red shades. This doesn’t need to be a bold red; a strawberry blonde or an auburn brunette.”

Remember when it comes to red shades on olive skin, subtle does it. Rich Mahogany, deep coppers. Copper highlights on your rich brown hair can also be a good hair colour idea for olive skinned beauties who don’t exactly want a full head of red. According to Allure, blue and purple based reds look great on darker skin. This could be useful when looking for that perfect shade of red hair for olive skin.

Best Hair Color for Olive Skin and Blue Eyes

Consider chestnut hair color for olive skin and blue eyes. The contrast will work great to bring out your beautiful brown eyes. Golden blondes and honey, which is sometimes known as bronde because it seems to be halfway between blonde and brown, are also good hair color choices, especially if you have a warm olive skin tone. Dark burgundy is also a great, color, for dark and olive skin tones; at least the evidence on Pinterest convinced us so.

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