Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone, Warm, Cool, Neutral and Eye Colors

Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone, Warm, Cool, Neutral and Eye Colors

 All you need to know about getting the perfect hair color for your skin tone is here. Learn here how to choose the best hair color for your skin tone, whatever shade your skin is. Also learn how to get the best hair color by selecting one for your specific skin tone and eye color. Our tips will help you get a color from the bottle, or box that convincingly looks like you were born with it!

Best hair color for your skin tone
Best hair color for your skin tone

When you really think about it, there is no bad hair color. What there are different shades and depths that work for different people? In other terms, one woman’s perfect, super cute, just life changing, glow bringing hair color could be another woman’s color draining, wrinkle exposing, impossible to maintain, color disaster.

You individual skin tone decides which of the two sides a color will take you. Yes, carefully selecting colors which are known to suit skin tones such as yours makes all the difference.

Hair color for cool skin tone blonde
Hair color for cool skin tone blonde

Fail safe ways of choosing hair color for your skin tone

If you are to never get your hair color wrong, then you need to start by knowing your skin tone. Now, it is all very well that you are pretty sure you are dark skinned, or fair, or even brown skinned. It is the obvious thing anyone notices about you at first glance and is determined by genetics. It is good to know it and it does have a role when it comes to how colors whether they are on your clothes, makeup, or hair complement your skin. But it is the colors underneath your skin that give you your skin tone. The way skin tone works, you could be a couple of black women for instance with more or less similar complexions but completely different skin undertones.

This skin tone is all important if you are to get the most suitable hair color for you. There are three skin tones that pretty much everyone, from the fairest to the deepest chocolate or black fall under. Warm, cool and medium or neutral. This is the skin tone that is being referred in the sentence hair colour for your skin tone. Let’s take a look at what each of them means for your hair color search.

a.      Warm skin tone

You have a warm skin tone if you notice the veins in the inside of your wrist appear green or have a greenish tinge in plenty of natural lighting. You can also tell by how certain colors look on you like if you look better in peach than pink. Another way of determining if you have warm coloring is the gold or silver test which is as simple placing a gold and silver piece of jewellery or foil. If the gold sets off your complexion, then you have a warm skin tone or warm coloring as it is sometimes called.

Hair color for warm skin tones
Hair color for warm skin tones

Hair colors for warm skin tones should bring out a glow in your skin while the wrong colors will make you look tired, sallow and older. It is important that you avoid those hair colors for cooler skin tone like the plague. Some hair color brands helpfully indicate on the box what coloring that hair color suits best, using words like cool and warm. Take heed. In case they have not indicated, then just commit this piece of advice from homestead101 to memory. “You should avoid blue, violet, (beige) and ash based hair colors which will “wash out” your skin color.”

According to visihow, if you have light warm coloring which covers fair skinned, and ivory  complexions, “then hair color must not be too dark, so light ash brown or golden blond are the best choices.”

If you have a deeper color, going on to dark brown like that some African American people, afro Caribbean and Indians tend to have, then “deep rich colors of dark golden brown, chocolate and espresso are great complements for this type of skin complexion.”

It all boils down to this. Warm hair colors are what look good on people with a warm skin tone. Examples of warm hair colors include blondes with golden overtones like golden blondes, strawberry blonde, copper colors, auburn, golden browns, caramel and any shades that look brassy. Warm hair colors have yellow, orange and golden bases.

b.      Cool skin tone

You have cool coloring if;

  • The veins inside your wrist are tinged blue or purple.
  • Black looks better on you than brown.
  • Silver jewellery/ foil look better against your skin compared to gold.
  • You look better in pink than peach and jewel tones just make you glow.

There are sources out there who will advise everyone to try a warm hair color once to brighten their look, look more vibrant. Do not listen to them. The best hair colors for cool skin tones are cool colors, period. These are colors with violet and red bases, as well as ashy and white overtones.

Hair color for cool skin tone Angelina Jolie
Hair color for cool skin tone Angelina Jolie

Colors with yellow, golden and orangey bases do not flatter cool colouring and fall firmly under the “avoid like the plague” category.

According to hairfinder “Many cool colors will include identifying keywords, which may be as simple as “cool”, or may include words like ash, bright, or blue.”

You will find cool colors across the hair color spectrum, from blonde to black. Black is a cool hair color that can be ideal for cool skin tone that is a little on the darker side. Platinum blonde is another great color for cool coloring, tends to flatter those with fairer skin and light eyes. There are also plenty of cool brown shades one or several of which will go perfectly with your skin tone.

Medium/ neutral skin tone

As the name suggests, this skin tone straddles the cool, warm divide. People with a medium or neutral skin tone look great in both gold and silver and can work almost any hue or shade of color under the sun. If you did the vein test and noticed the veins on the inside of your wrist appear to have both bluish and greenish tinge, then you have a medium skin tone.

A major perk of having this skin tone is that you can explore a wider range of colours since both cool and warm tones will work for you. There are specific medium tones too, suited for a skin tone such as yours.

Medium browns and medium reds will work great for you. Any colors that are not overtly warm, (meaning they don’t have too much yellow, or gold in them), or overtly cool, (meaning they do not have too much black in them) will work for your coloring. Ashy blondes and hair colors with beige bases are also great choices.Best hair color for neutral skin tone

Black hair colors for your skin tone

Black hair may not scream fun like blonde is touted to be. But it makes a muted statement of its own. Sleek black glossy hair is a thing to desire. If you are concerned about whether you can pull off black, here is all the assurance you need. Like red shades or blonde hair colors, there is a black shade to suit most if not every skin tone. People who naturally have darker hair colors will easily find a shade of black that suits their skin tone.

Remember that hair color looks most natural if you stay within two shades of your starting and ideally natural hair color, regardless of whether you are planning on going lighter or darker. If you have lighter hair, you may need to look a little more before finding a black hair color for your particular skin tone.

If you have warm coloring, avoid the stark blacks and go for brown blacks. Same applies if you are extremely fair with light eyes. Here are examples of good black / dark hair colors.

1.      Ink Black

Ink is one of the most popular black hair colors. It is darks enough, very glossy but still comes off as soft. According to, “inky black tone best suits a yellow/olive complexion.”

2.      Espresso

This black hair color looks amazing on dark skin tones, olive skin tones and complements tan skin beautifully.

3.      Ash

This shade of black can be ideal for cool skin tones that can’t quite blend with the starker blacks without looking unnatural. Try this if you have a medium skin tone and natural dark hair too.

4.      Jet Black

You will want to avoid this if you have a warm skin tone .Also if you have any redness on your skin as the deep black will only highlight it. Brown skin and dark skin women with cool undertones can wear this color and not worry about looking washed out. So can those with an olive complexion.

5.      Medium/ neutral black

Latesthairstyles recommend that “neutral toned black hue best suits a pale, porcelain complexion.

6.      Highlights on Dark Hair

You do not have to dye your hair a solid black either. Try experiment with highlights, and lowlights for an interesting and trendy look. Burgundy and violet are ideal highlight colors that go well with black hair color.

Hair colors for your skin tone and eye color

A hair color should bring out the best in your most prominent features. Ensuring that your hair color complements both your skin tone and hair color make all the difference. Different hair colors play off differently against different eye colors.

For example brown eyes look best with rich dark colors like mahogany. Light eyes, say blue will look more natural and pop better with light blonde hair and fair skin compared to darker eye colors. Green eyes will be set off beautifully by red hair. Just as long as it is the red hair for your skin tone. According to  beautylore “If your eyes are blue or browns with no flecks, then its best to go for a color fitted for those with cool skin tones. If your eyes have flecks of amber or gold, then go for warm undertones.”

Stylecaster has another tip you may find useful when looking for a hair color that matches your skin tone and eyes. “Blue eyes pop with copper tones placed around the face. Hazel eyes can be made to shine by choosing the perfect shade that compliments their undertones.”

If you are still not sure about what suits you or would like more guidance, why not try looking at various hair color charts. This one at haircolorcode promises to unite your skin tone and the ideal hair color by way of a simple chart. While you are at it, you can take a hair color for skin tone quiz here.

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