Organic Hair Dyes and Organic Hair Colors, Best Brands and Products

Organic Hair Dyes and Organic Hair Colors, Best Brands and Products

What are organic hair colors and dyes? Why should I go for these all natural products? Is there any genuinely good organic hair dye or color?  Who are some of the best organic hair dye manufactures? Where can i buy organic hair dye or where can I find an organic salon? Are there permanent, black, blonde, henna

What is organic hair color

Organic hair dyes and hair colors are dyes and hair coloring products that made from organic raw materials and other natural organic ingredients i.e. ingredients and raw materials, which have not been exposed to any “pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms or ionizing radiation” [].

This means organic hair color systems and dyes are free synthetic additive found in synthetic hair dyes, some of which have damaging effects on your hair and scalp. We are not saying that organic ingredients might not have any side effects but they are less harmful compared to synthetic ones. Ensure all the ingredients are certified organic ingredients if you are to conclude that the hair color or dye is purely organic.

Why go organic or why are synthetic dyes dangerous?

At least, if you insist on any hair dye, go for those, which are free of or contain these ingredients minimally.

  • PPDs (p-Phenylenediamine) – “linked to bladder cancer, lung, kidney and nervous system disorders and severe allergic reactions” [],
  • Resorcinol – Classified by European Union as harmful, dangerous to environment and irritant to skin and eyes.
  • Ammonia – irritates the skin, respiratory system and eyes. It can cause breathing difficulties and asthma but it is less dangerous than PPDs.
  • Persulfates – Potassium and sodium ammonium sulfates that are common in hair dyes are known to irritate skin while its fumes when inhaled can damage your lungs and cause asthma.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – This is the main bleaching ingredient that is corrosive and banned in Japan. Animal studies show it is toxic to nervous system and can damage DNA resulting to cancer.
  • Lead acetate – used in some hair colors for gradual hair darkening. This heavy metal can damage your brain and nervous system.
  • 4-ABP – it is been linked to cancer i.e. carcinogenic

These are just some of the few ingredients, which are present in synthetic dyes that make them a big risk to your hair and general health.

Organic hair dyes - Natulique natural colors
Natulique natural colors

Best organic hair dye brands and products review

When looking for the organic hair color products, you need to be very careful since you will get many manufacturers who claim to be making 100% organic or all natural organic hair dye yet they add some artificial ingredients in small quantities to ensure their dyes work effectively. Do not be duped with words like ‘non toxic’, ‘naturally derived’, ‘plant based’, vegetable hair colors’ etc unless you are sure they are.

We cannot confirm that the below listed good organic hair color brands are purely organic buy they have been vetted by many sources as some of the genuine organic hair coloring products that are natural and free from the above listed ingredients and others we did not list. All the ingredients must be certified with a renowned organic certified body.

While looking for organic hair dyes, you will get temporary, semi permanent and organic permanent hair color for men (organic hair color for men) and women. However, in hair dyes, gender is not much of an issue.

After an extensive research, we came with a few names of some of the best manufacturers or truly organic hair coloring products. We are not endorsing any of these brands and since we will not give you specific organic hair color review, ensure you go through as many organic hair dye reviews as possible even from the below manufactures to see what other experts and users are saying about them.

1. Herbatint Permanent Herbal Hair Colours

Shoppers in UK can take advantage of Herbatint wide range of organic hair dye products, which are free of ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, alcohol and fragrances.

Some of the shades of colors they have include black, chestnut, golden chestnut, golden blonde, copperish gold, orange, sandy blonde, violet, plum, crimson red, henna red, ash blonde, Swedish blonde and organic blonde hair dye, among others. See all herbatint color review.

2. Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner

Light mountain have a wide range of organic hair colors which include which comes in Dark Brown, medium brown, light brown, auburn, black, bright red, light red, mahogany, grey auburn, chestnut, burgundy, neutral, gray black, among other shades.

The products are claimed to be non-carcinogenic, all natural with a conditioning program that and have been recommended by safe shoppers bible. They will color, condition and add volume or body to your hair.

3. Organic Color System

With over 64 color that are intermixable, this company offers permanent colours with certified organic ingredients and as little of chemicals as possible. You will get colors from fiery reds to rich gold to auburn browns to frosty platinum to intense coppers and many others. .

4. Surya Henna cosmetics natural hair dye products

This is a Brazilian manufacturer with a wide range of organic henna creams. These natural organic hair coloring products come in various colors and shades including gray silver, chocolate, acaju, brown, copper, blonde, golden, red, wine, black and other shades. See Surya Henna color.

5. Naturcolors Hair coloring products

Naturcolors is another reputed manufacturer of organic hair dye and hair colors with ash, mahogany, golden, copper and natural color series. See Naturcolor shades

6. Morocco Method Simply Pure Henna – Good organic henna hair dye

This henna is one of the flagship products of the Morocco Method Int’l where according to the manufacture, their “henna is 100% natural, synthetic chemical-free making it safe to use while pregnant of breast feeding” []. This is therefore a good organic hair dye for pregnancy. This semi permanent hair dye wears slowly for 8-12 weeks and comes in red, brown, black, light blonde and neutral blonde colors. See more details and instruction.

7. Aubrey Organics hair color – Color Me Natural™ Dark Brown

This is a leading manufacturer of organic hair and body care products with a Color Me Natural™ Dark Brown All Natural Hair Color for Women which is 100% natural. According to the manufacturer, “100% natural, permanent hair color covers gray, enhances your own color and improves the condition of your hair every time you use it” [] with no synthetics of any kind.

8. Rainbow Research Corporation Henna

Rainbow is reputed manufacturer of organic henna without pesticides, chemicals or any additives. It comes in several color and color shades including blonde shades, neutral, dark brown, burgundy, sherry, mahogany, red, black, neutral, among other colors. See their complete color chart.

The above list of best organic hair color brands manufactures is not conclusive; we have listed just but a few to guide you. Many other genuine manufacturers produce good organic hair dye and hair colors exist.

9. Henna Color Lab

All natural revolution from Henna Color Lab is another good option for henna hair colors, which do not have harmful products we have mentions that include metallic salts, ammonia, etc that damage your hair and scalp.

They have a variety of colors including pure henna dye, pure indigo hair dye, black henna hair dye, mahogany, red wine, copper brown, dark brown, light brown, medium brown, auburn, ginger henna dyes, among others.  See all the color shades from Henna Color Lab

10. Schwarzkopf organic hair color

Schwarzkopf boasts of the first natural permanent hair dye using its Phytolipid Technology, which is free from ammonia, silicones, mineral oils, sulfates, artificial fragrances i.e. all synthetic ingredients are replaced with naturally derived ingredients.

Essensity, Schwarzkopf’s all natural hair dye can cover white hair completely and provide enhanced scalp comfort. It is one of the best organic hair dye for gray hair.

11. Radico Organic Hair Color

Radico’s organic hair color is a “Professional Hair Color manufactured by using ayurvedic Certified Organic herbs [henna, methi, amla, hibiscus, bhringraj, coffee, indigo in diff.-2 ration]” [].

The available shades include soft black, brown, dark brown, light brown, wine red, mahogany, copper brown, strawberry blonde, burgundy, auburn red, beige blonde, golden blonde, light ash blonde, champagne blonde, ash blonde, darkest ash blonde, dark ash blonde, caramel blonde, wheat blonde, reddish blonde, light reddish blonde and honey blonde.

Other equally reputed manufacturers include Eco Colors, Aveda, Natulique Organic Colors, Logona, Sante, Tints of Nature, CHI Organics, Naturigin, Naturtint, Madison Reed among many others. They have a wide variety of natural hair dyes coming in various shades and tints.

Organic henna hair dye

While listing some of the best organic hair dye brand manufacturers, henna was definitely a common product that most companies have them. Organic henna hair dye is a good choice since according to India Times, it can condition your hair, cover grays, treat dandruffs, and promote the health of your hair.

On colors and shades, organic henna hair dyes and colors come in a wide range of colors from black to brown to auburn to red to blonde to whatever color you want created from henna (Lawsonia inermis)  and indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) plants with a few others having other natural plant materials included.  Other good organic henna brands besides the manufactures are

  • Organic Henna Hair Dye from Renaissance Henna
  • Henna Maiden AWESOME AUBURN 100% Natural Chemical Free Hair Color from Henna King
  • Pure Henna Hair Dye Powder (3.5 Oz) | All Natural, High Pigment Color for Hair, Root Touch Up, Beard & Eyebrows on Men & Women

Organic black hair dye

Since most organic hair colors are made from a blend of indigo and darkest shade of henna, it is not hard to get black organic dye i.e. “indigo fights for the dark reflective cool shades, while henna battles for the vivid auburn warm notes” [].

If you are looking for specific brands, most of the above manufacturers have black shades of organic hair colors i.e. Rainbow Research Corporation, Morocco Method, Surya Henna cosmetics, Herbatint, Light Mountain, hair color lab, among others have black organic hair color.

They can effectively hide gray hair while people with lighter hair might need two applications. To make organic hair color black at home, you need indigo, black henna and other plant pigments.

Where to buy organic hair color and dyes

Where can you buy some of the buy organic hair colors and dyes? The answer is simple and it does not really matter if you are in Singapore, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, UK, NZ, India, Japan or America since you can still get them.

The first option for buying organic hair colors is to check in your local stores for some brands you already know. Do not go for any brand you get available since it could not be purely organic.

If they are not locally available, go the second and most recommended way of buying the products online from either the manufactures or leading stores like, whole foods supermarket, Sally Beauty Shop, Boots, target, eBay, among other leading online stores.

Finally, you can opt to search on any major search engine like Google or Bing for organic hair colors and dyes in your country. Whether it is UK, USA, NZ, India, Australia, Singapore or South Africa, you are going to get locations or stores where specific organic hair dyes you are looking for are.

Professional organic hair color salons

If you do not want to struggle with hair dye and color application, you can go to some of the organic certified salons for the service. These salons will make use of organic certified hair dyes and other skin and hair care products.

To get a professional organic hair color salons, search for the term Organic hair color salons + your location. For instance, if you live in Los Angeles, search for Organic hair color salons + Los Angeles and you will get a list of them. Do the same case to those who are in NYC, Chicago, Indiana or where you are.

Read their reviews and see if they have been certified by recognized organic certifying body or if the products they use have certified organic ingredients only.

How to make organic hair dye at home

If you have the right organic ingredients, you can make your own all natural organic hair dye at home. It is not a big deal. Just search for organic hair color recipes online and try it.

Bottom line on organic hair coloring products

We have seen some of the best organic hair dye brand manufactures. We are not endorsing any specific organic hair color products. Do your due diligence and ensure you get hair colors and dyes that are truly organic. Some manufacturers might claim they have ‘the best and working organic hair dyes’ yet they add small quantities of synthetic additives.

For those who do not care much about whether or not a dye is organic, use synthetic hair dyes in moderation and let a professional hair care personal assist you to ensure they are used correctly and you choose those with non-toxic ingredients.

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