Nose Hair Removal Strips, Cream, Permanent, for Female, Remedies and Waxing Danger

Nose Hair Removal Strips, Cream, Permanent, for Female, Remedies and Waxing Danger

Do you have nose hairs? Does it look great to your face? How often do you remove them? Does nose hair removal have side effects to your nose?

Nose Hair Removal Strips, Cream, Permanent, for Female, Remedies and Waxing Danger
Nose Hair Removal

These may be questions your need to ask yourself anytime you would like to remove those hairs that pop through your nose.  However, here is detail information about nose hair removal including the use of strips, home remedies, creams, waxing and dangers of waxing nasal hair.

Nasal hair removal for female

Nose hair removal is done by everyone but both men and women have specific nose hair trimmer gadget that can help them get rid of these naughty hair without any bad effect on their nose skin membrane inside.

Ways to remove nose hair by women

There are various ways to get rid of nose hairs depending on your option. These are; use nose hair scissors, electric trimmers, waxing kits, or you can pluck with tweezers which is not advisable since it can cause development of painful bumps inside your nose.

It is appropriate to use Trimmers and scissors since they are affordable and relatively pain free, while if go for waxing which is also cheap but it can cause some discomfort inside the nose.

Do nose hair trimmers hurt?

Nose hair removal for women
Nose hair removal for women

I know this is the question that might come into your mind. The answer is they don’t. Most nose hair trimming is a quick, painless process if you consider using an electric trimmer. However, when the nose hair is pulled during trimming that is the only time it is painful.

Note: Nose hair trimmers are very efficient in trimming off long and untidy nose hairs, and are faster to use than scissors. Check out on the best reviewed and most popular electric trimmers

Nose hair removal home remedies

Unwanted hair can result to irritation especially if to trimming or pluck them daily. These strands of hair can even grow in odd spots such as on the inside of the nose resulting to ingrown nose hairs that are painful.

Here are the home remedies instructions or steps:

  • Place a clean towel in the hottest water you can stand. Wring the towel out so it is damp.
  • Put the moist, warm towel on the outside of the affected nostril. Leave it there until the towel gets cool.
  • Redo the steps using the same warm compress until you feel some changes.

Note: If you experience extreme pain, severe swelling or abnormal drainage or even nose bleeding from the affected nostril, seek medical attention from a reputable doctor as quick as possible since it might be signs of a possible infection.

Tips To Remove Nose Hair In A Safe Manner.

Use of Moist Cotton Swab

This is done every morning after washing or cleaning your face such that you can insert a wet warm cloth into your nose. Apply pressure on the wash cloth and the unwanted hair by placing index finger from outside.

Use of Tweezers

This is the most affordable tool to pesky excess nose hair by take a shower to soften the hair follicles so that it is easy to pull unwanted hair in order to nose infection in case you pull nose hair that are not wet.

Use of Scissors

Nose hair removal scissors
Nose hair removal scissors

You can remove nose hairs using a pair of grooming scissors that has round tips. Make sure the scissors is not old and rusted.

Go for Nose Hair trimmer

Identify the best nose hair trimmer that is easier to operate under dual rotary blades and the result you get is a clean and smooth trim.

Pluck nose hairs

Use water to clean the nose and then pull the long hairs that are sticking out from the nose line without force.


This is the best option to deracinate nasal hair. Moreover it is advisable not to shave the nose hair.

Nose hair removal cream

Trimming nose hairs is a difficult and complicated process, and using hair removal cream to take care of them is usually not advisable professionals since most hair removal creams are composed of toxic chemicals that melt hair, resulting in fumes that are dangerous to breathe.

It is also not good to go for over the counter creams unless advised by a specialist or use a cream that is made of all-natural ingredients only.

Here things to consider when using creams:

  1. Go for the Right Product by making thorough readings on all labels, all-natural ingredients, and other options available.
  2. Applying Hair Removal Cream carefully by use of your finger let it soften the hairs, and then remove it using a dry washcloth, and final strip the remaining hairs.
  3. Being aware of all the safety by not using regular wax for the nose, focus only on hairs, and be very cautious.

Permanent nose hair removal

Nose hair prevents air dust and germs from getting their way into the lungs and wreaking havoc. Sometimes they can overgrow its territory, and when it does, the results into an ugly nose. There is no permanent nasal hair removal solution since the nostril membrane is covered with mucus.

These could be burned and severely damaged if they were touched by lasers. Only the hairs that have started to grow right outside of the nostrils could be taken out by laser hair removal.

Waxing nose hair danger

This can result to the following effects:

  • Running nose
  • Nose infections due ingrown hairs
  • Nose bleeding
  • Respiratory diseases due to dust

Nose hair removal strips

Nose hair grows in everyone regardless of age, sex and even race. Nose hair has biological importance in our nose as far as it looks disgusting sometimes when clogged with mucus during nose drainage. Nose hair is also known as cilia, which help to intricate defense system that provides protection to your lungs.

According to Cedars-Sinai, nose hair plays a major role in combination with mucus to remove dirt and debris from your airways, preventing it from entering your respiratory system. Due to hormonal imbalances in our bodies, it causes excessive nose hair growth.

Tips to strip nose hairs

  1. Buy a new nose hair trimmer then strip off hair from your nose using it. Just put on, and then gently press the blades of the trimmer against the skin of your nose. The trimmer will cut the hair at the surface of the skin.
  2. Use a pair of grooming scissors with rounded tips to assist you to snip nose hair. The following are procedures on how to trim nose hair:
  • Grip the grooming scissors firmly
  • Support the scissors with your pointer finger as you tilt your head back
  • Cut off the long nose hair using the very tips of the grooming scissors
  1. Go for professional specialist who will use laser hair removal, which can permanently do away with embarrassing, excessive nose hair.

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NAD’s nose wax boots

NAD’s nose wax is the best DIY waxing kit designed specifically to get rid of problem nose hair. Here’s how the new Nad’s nose waxing kit works:

  • Apply hot wax to applicator and insert into nose.
  • Wait 90 seconds.
  • Rip applicator from inside of nose.
  • Scream bloody murder and fall over on your cat shrieking in pain.
  • Guzzle Maker’s Mark through a straw while marinating your nose in an ice bucket.

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