Oily Hair Remedies, Treatments and Best Shampoos for Oily Hair

Oily Hair Remedies, Treatments and Best Shampoos for Oily Hair

Do you suffer oily and wondering about ways to get rid of this condition? And by the way, what causes oily hair? Well, oily hair have wide range of causes but knowing these causes is key to defining the best product for oily hair. In our article today, we`ll discuss common causes and effective and faster natural remedies for oily hair and more

To begin our discussion, Oily hair can be infuriating, embarrassing and primarily annoying. Unsympathetically, oily hair is a common condition to most individuals it is fortunate there are remedies out there to help get rid of the dampening residue on the scalp triggering oiliness. Certain shampoos have been outlined specifically for curing hair greasiness. These shampoos are marked with good intentions of purifying and clarifying scalp impurities. The market offers a wide range of shampoos which are not meant to deliver the same results you know. In this article, you have the opportunity to know the right option of remedies to use on oily hair.

Remember, having a certain level of oil on your scalp makes it free from susceptibility and is actually vital for your hair to remain at optimal conditions bearing in mind that too much use of oil on your hair can sprung more unfavorable complications.

Causes of oily hair

Greasy hair can be due to numerous reasons. These causes range from our way of living in which this is easily evitable, medical conditions to wrong hair care product and more. Here we highlight the most common causes:

  • Genetics: Many medical practitioners have it that, the cause of greasy hair is hereditary. It is connected to marked changes in sebum production due to high levels of hormones especially during puberty stages where hormonal fluctuations are at high rates.
  • Untreated seborrheic dermatitis: This is a condition characterized by yellow, dry, flaky scalp and oily hair that is brought about by oil buildups on the scalp.
  • Using shiny serums: Shine serums add more oil to your head than the natural system can produce. The oil thereafter accumulates at the roots forming bumps that translate to dandruffs.
  • Hormonal fluctuations: Oily hair is related to hormonal changes that occur during puberty stage leading to excessive production of sebum and an increased level of androgen. This condition leaves the hair and scalp oilier than it is usually.
  • Improper hair grooming: Another blame goes to poor hair grooming. Using abundance of hair care products on a single part of the scalp leads to lodgment hence oily hair. “You may be choosing stylish products that are not compatible with your hair,” [cosmopolitan.com]
  • Picking wrong hair products: Low-priced hair products that contains unnecessary chemicals that may result to hypersensitivity on the scalp rending it open for more adverse conditions and also giving space for over secretion of sebum.

Though some causes like genetically transferred conditions cannot be changed, we can take measures as well follow healthy ways to deal with this menace.

Is oily hair treatable?

Does your hair get oily regularly and almost despairing on the condition? Alternatively, are your asking yourself whether oily hair treatable? The answer is definitely yes. Fortuitously, there’s a wide range of oily hair treatments and remedies you can embrace to heal your oily hair condition. They range from non-prescription drugs to home natural remedies to prescribed treatments.

Oily hair treatment- OTC and prescribed treatments

When over the counter oily scalp treatments such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or beta-hydroxy acid are not effective, you can talk to your dermatologist. He/she may prescribe creams fortified with tretinoin, adapalene, or Tazarotene. These treatments will help reduce the size of the pores and thus limiting the production of excess skin oil. Unfortunately, these products can be harsh to the skin and therefore should only be applied to the oily areas.

Laser and chemical peels can also help in diminishing greasiness and recuperating the overall appearance of the skin.

What shampoo is good for oily hair- best shampoos for oil hair

If you have oily hair that decline to be treated, there`s is relief at hand. Your help today is the great clarifying shampoos on the market, actually the form perfect treatment for oily hair. But wait a minute, how will you know that certain shampoos are the best for your oily hair and at the same time there are so many of the shampoos for oily hair that seem to be striping the hair shafts of their natural moisture leaving hair jumbled when it’s wet and unruly when it’s dry? So, what is the way forward therefore? Well, talk to your dermatologist to advise you on how to define the best oily hair shampoo for your case. Here are the best 4 shampoos for treating oily hair:

1.       Phyto Phytheol Oily Hair Purifying Shampoo

As outlandish as it may look, this type of greasy hair shampoo is devised for treatment of oily hair by reducing the rate of sebum secretion. It provides lightness and hair batiste reinforce its benefits, it is patted gently on the scalp while sear. The hair should then be made damp, lathered and rinsed for amazing output. With the aid of this shampoo you are assured of good and beautiful hair in future.

2.       Leonor Greyl Paris Huile Germe De Ble Shampoo

Are you troubled by oily hair syndrome scalp? Then this shampoo might be what you are looking for. Utilizing this treatment in the right way gives your hair a shiny and marvelous appearance. It is rich with Vitamin A, E and has a deep cleansing ability that improves your hair vitality magically.

3.       Maple Holistic Degrease Shampoo

Another good shampoo for oily hair is the Maple Holistic Degrease shampoo, it is a therapeutically resolution for oily, flaky and itchy scalps. Maple is aimed at utilizing natural components to control moisture contents in greasy hair besides balancing sebum secretion levels, stimulating renewal of hair follicles and furnishing your hair natural oils. This good shampoo for greasy hair contains a variety of natural shampoos such as Lemon, Rosemary, Cypress and Basil.

4.       Matrix Biolage Normalizing Shampoo

Soothe, improve and nourish your scalp and hair with normalizing shampoo which cleans without dehydrating. Matrix Biolage is effective and allows for beautiful silky fine hair. For application, shampoo your hair, slather Matrix Biolage to stay tangle and frizz free then rinse and dry. Instructions should be followed for excellent results

Remember, shampooing is not the only oily hair solutions, you may be shampooing regularly and accordingly but the oily hair condition may still persist, therefore how you shampoo oily hair will also matter. We have the following home remedies that can work where many shampoos or over the counter product may not seem to effective

10 Home remedies for oily hair

Why spend a lot on purchasing OTC products and prescribed treatments for oily hair yet you can apply these successful, cheap and readily available natural home remedies? May be you were not aware. Here are 10 best natural product the will provide quick and positive results with your oily hair.

1.      Lavender rinse

This is a remedy targeted to promote leisure, relieve tension and aid restfulness. It has anti-bacterial property which helps it clear dandruff. Don’t forget about its softening property, it also bear softening properties that will supple your scalp skin. It will also make your hair to smell like angel, ooh what a wonder heavenly Lavender!

  • To four cups of water, add half cup of dried rosemary, half cup of dried lavender, one tablespoon Borax and three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
  • Mix them thoroughly then after shampooing and conditioning your hair, pour the rinse over your hair and ensure it soaks through completely.
  • Leave it for a while and then rinse off with water.

2.      Baking soda

Baking soda is a natural shampoo for oily hair, it is formulated to balance PH levels of the scalp due to its absorbing power and alkaline property and thus a great home remedy for oily hair. It as well reduces the foul smell that may result from greasy hair. For this:

  • Mix a cup of baking soda with three cups of water to form a paste.
  • Apply it on a damp hair and leave it for a while before washing it off with lukewarm water, this should be repeated twice a week.

3.      Apple Cider Vinegar

This is an excellent natural products for many skins conditions including oily hair. I think as I speak, the entire world is aware of the benefits of ACV for health matters. It help in balancing the scalp pH and hair which is a good news for people suffering from oily hair and scalp. You may not like the smell but, believe it or not, this is among the best products for oily hair.

  • In a bowl, make a solution by mixing a cup of water with a quarter cup of regular Apple Cider.
  • Apply it on your scalp and leave it to spread out while getting a shower.
  • Immediately after the shower, rinse it out.
  • This should be carried on for a week.

4.      Egg yolk and lemon juice

Application of egg yolk is not only known for removing oiliness but also leaves the hair shiny.  Egg yolks are packed with vital minerals and vitamins that are applauded for oily hair. Follow the remedy below to apply this treatment:

  • Mix two egg yolks to two tablespoons of lemon juice and mix them thoroughly.
  • Apply this treatment on damp hair and give it a rest for about 10 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly using lukewarm water to get rid of greasiness. This should be repeated twice or thrice a week

5.      Use of oatmeal

Oatmeal plays a great role in relieving greasy hair. “Since it is thick in consistency, it soaks up the oil from the scalp and also soothes itchiness,” says stylecraze.com.  To apply oatmeal to treat oily hair:

  • Prepare oatmeal and give it time to cool down.
  • Apply an ungrudging amount of it on the scalp and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes
  • Then you can rinse and shampoo you hair.

6.      Rosemary rinse

Another method to remove oiliness is with the aid of rosemary rinse. It has the antibacterial property to make it the better option for greasy hair. It acts as astringent and will control or reduce the production of sebum. According to Daysisland.com, “Over time, the use of rosemary oil on the scalp can calm the hair follicles and encourage them not to produce a surplus of annoying oil.   ”

  • Take one cup of boiling water and pour it over two tablespoons of dried rosemary in a bowl.
  • Cover and steep it for twenty minutes. Strain and cool.
  • Pour the mixture into a plastic bottle and splash in the hair with this rosemary decoction after every shampoo.

7.      Black tea

This natural product contain astringent known as tannic which help in controlling excess oil on the scalp by tightening the spores. It is therefore another meaningful remedy for oily hair and scalp you should try.

  • Begin by adding 2 tablespoons of black tea leaves to a cup of water
  • Boil for 10 minutes
  • Make sure you thereafter strain the leaves for 5 minutes and allow the solution to cool to room temperature
  • Apply the mixture on your scalp and leave it for around 5 minutes
  • Rinse it off and the wash your hair using mild shampoo
  • Repeat the procedure thrice in a week

8.      Witch hazel

Are you stressed up and almost giving up on persistent oily hair? Use Witch Hazel for relieving the greasy menace.  It has the natural astringent that slow down the production of skin natural oils and hence preventing the occurrence of oily hair.

  • Dab it on cotton ball and apply it gently on your scalp.
  • “If you want real results, take some Witch Hazel and mix it with mouthwash, of all things, and blot it on your scalp,” says allwomenstalk.com/best-oily-hair
  • See the dramatic results of this product.

9.      Aloe vera gel

This great herbs is perfect for treating oily hair and dandruff. It has minerals and crucial enzymes that get rid of impurities on the scalp while nurturing the hair follicles. Here is how to apply this remedy:

  • Take a cup of mild shampoo and add a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tea spoon of fresh Aloe Vera Gel.
  • Mix this well at store it in a fridge at cool temperatures.
  • Shampoo your hair everyday with the mixture for a week to get rid of greasiness.
  • Alternatively, you can mix fresh Aloe Gel with one table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar or two table spoons f Lemon Juice or both in equal parts. The result is heavily conditioned hair that is not oily. This is applicable for all types of hair.

10.  Lemon juice rinse

Lemon juice is ideal for various types of scalp and hair conditions, oily hair being one of them. Thanks for its vitamins and minerals that usually promote healthy hair. It also has acidic property that balances the scalp pH level and regulates sebum production.

  • Blend juice from two lemons into 2 cups of distilled water. You may also add three teaspoons of honey if you wish so
  • Spread on this mixture on your scalp and hair, massaging it around for 5 minutes
  • Leave it to sit for about five minutes, and then rinse it off using lukewarm water.
  • Repeat three times a week for effective results.

More Tips to Prevent Oily Hair

In addition to applying the above treatments and remedies, below are more tips you can apply to make you safe:

  • Make sure you shampoo effective and use the best conditioner for oily hair.
  • Avoid heat treatments as much as you can
  • Maintain a healthy balanced diet
  • Leave a stress-free life
  • Wash your hair less often but make sure it is always clean
  • Ensure less brushing and combing

Final Thought on Greasy Hair

Grease hair may be temporary or may persist depending on the causes. If your hair oiliness persists despite the use of over the counter products and home remedies, then you must immediately see a physician for further advice and treatments. In such a cases, only the doctor can diagnose the chronic underlying medical condition if that is the reason for your oily hair..

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